QuickTwin = A Digital Twin of an Organisation

You have the opportunity to view your company in a completely new way with QuickTwin! The digital twin of an organisation will help you to get a great value out of your data.

Get to know your data

With QuickTwin, you can use the full potential of all the data that are in your company. There is no need to change your information systems. It is only needed to access the data.

Map real processes

QuickTwin will put together process maps for you. Get an unique overview about how people work in your team.

Be well informed

QuickTwin vizualises the real-time events in your company. You will now have all processes together no matter if they concern paper work or production.

Watch your standards

QuickTwin will keep an eye on the standards of the procesess in your company. By means of that, it will help you to increase the quality and eliminate the possible risks.

Analyse the impacts

QuickTwin will help you with impact analysis. Simulate and evaluate process changes before you will turn them into reality.

Boost your efficiency

QuickTwin will do everything to help you with automation. Remove bottle necks and other problems in your company's processes.

How to get a Digital Twin of an Organisation

It is entirely up to you what the digital twin of an organisation will show. In just a few weeks, you will have real outputs. For better understanding, there is an exampe of how our cooperation might look like.

Our first meeting will be about the milestones of QuickTwin integration. We will agree on the way of accessing the company data and other details.
Every system is specific in its own way, so a thorough analysis from our side will be performed to guarantee you that there are all the data QuickTwin needs.
QuickTwin will generate a process map, board and improvement proposals (QuickWins) for the process you choose. You will get an interactive interface at your disposal.
From here we can start to scale-up towards digital twin of an organisation and connect to your systems, so there are real-time data available.


.Individual processes will be joint into sections. Such sections will be joint into divisions and they will create the digital twin of an organisation.

Examples where QuickTwin might help

Sales and Distribution (Order to Cash) - Maximize on-time delivery and accelerate revenue.

  • Data concerning orders enable to discover causes of caneled or long open orderes.
  • Clear picture about the whole system of orders is the first step to implement process automation.
Quicker invoicing,Manual interventions

Procurement and Finance (Purchase to Pay) - Achieve perfect POs and increase purchasing productivity.

  • The great way to decrease the time period for the purchase cycle
  • Watching purchasing standards leads to a significant decrease of unproven purchases
Process automation,Manual rework

Supplier Invoices (Accounts Payable) - Optimize working capital and maximize cash discounts.

  • Correctly set proces is the key to the satisfaction of customers that are interested in the loan.
  • Checking processes according to stated standards eliminates risks that are involved in lending.
On-time delivery,Throughput time

Supply Chain - Maximize inventory turns and on-time delivery.

  • Data analysis of goods and orders flow is the best way to your productivity.
  • Optimalization of warehouses enables to decrease supply and concentrate on delivering on time
Transparency,Process automation

We know your system
Integrované systémy

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